Riverway Mike’s Street (Parking Lot) Corn

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Riverway Mike’s Street (Parking Lot) Corn
6 shucked ears of fresh corn
½ cup of Mexican Crema
1/3 cup of mayonnaise 
Juice of 1 lime
Minced garlic clove
Chopped cilantro to taste 1/3 cup roughly (divided)
Wassi’s Sunset Tango rub
Cotija cheese (Mexican style grated)
Lime wedges for serving
Set Big Green Egg up for direct grill at 400-450. Mix up Crema sauce. Once grill is ready and burning clean put corn on to roast. Turn ears often until the kernels begin to brown and char a little. Remove and brush each ear of corn completely with the Crema sauce. Give each coated ear a dusting with Cotija cheese, cilantro and Wassi’s Sunset Tango rub. Plate, serve, and enjoy immediately with a squeeze of lime juice!!
Crema Sauce
Mix together in a bowl Crema, mayo, garlic, lime juice (add a little and adjust to taste), cilantro, and Wassi’s Sunset Tango rub.

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