Furious Fajitas Beef/Chicken

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1 lb Flank Steak, Tritip, Skirt Steak, Hanger Steak, or bavette (flap-meat)

1 lb Chicken Breast

1 large Onions

2 or 3 Sweet Peppers (different colors are nice)

Lanes #3 of 6 rub (inside Wassis)


Limes or lime juice

Flour tortillas



Sour cream

Shredded cheese

Chopped tomato




With Annova Sous Vide, submerge the beef in food saver bag at 130F with 1tbls of butter for at least 3 hours up to 24 hours. The chicken should cook the same way but at 140F for 1 hour to 4 hours. When done in the sous vide slice beef into thin strips across the grain and/or slice chicken into thin slices. Warm tortillas by wrapping in foil and setting on grill for 3-4 minutes flipping them so they don’t burn.

Prepare the veggies by slicing into thin strips. Heat egg with cast iron skillet, fajita plate, or griddle to 400F. Place 1tbls of butter on cast iron, add veggies and season liberally with Lane’s #3 of 6 and allow to cook for 2-4 minutes while tossing them around on the cast iron until softened. Remove veggies and add meat with some butter if needed to the cast iron, season again with Lane’s #3 of 6 cook 2-3 more minutes. Return veggies for about a minute then remove cast iron from the grill while everything sizzles. Squeeze lime juice over the top and serve centered on a warmed tortilla. Add additional optional toppings if desired.

To turn into a more portable quesadilla place meat and veggie mix on a flour tortilla place back on buttered grill and cover with cheese and another tortilla. Brown one side then flip and brown the other, remove slice and serve. Enjoy!!

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