Sunshine State Eggfest Presented by Wassi’s Meat Market benefiting Candlelighters of Brevard

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Candlelighters of Brevard is honored to be the beneficiary of the 2016 Sunshine Eggfest! Check out the event information and article in Florida Today on the event and hosts – Wassi’s Meat Market.


Visit our Facebook page for information on monthly cookout fundraisers for COB hosted at Wassi’s Meat Market.


FLORIDA TODAY – It’s called a meat market, but Wassi’s in Melbourne is more. It is also a celebration of the fine art of grilling. The store has a serious fan base comprised of folks who love nothing better than to fire up the grill, be it the traditional type or that top-of-the-line affair known as the Big Green Egg. Melbourne residents Frank and Jan Wassi opened their market in 1986, but these days, Frank takes it “easy.”


“My husband is semi-retired, but he still makes the sausages and works on some of the week’s orders,” said Jan.


Jan has plenty of capable help at the front of the store in the person of Frank Jr., who lives with his family in Vero Beach. While Frank Sr. originally hails from Newburgh, New York, Jan, like her son, was raised in Melbourne.



Question: What is special about Wassi’s?


Wassi: We are the only place around here that you can get all of your barbecue needs, meats, premium cutlery, as well as cooking advice.


Q: Any particular signature items?


Wassi: Our signature items would be the Big Green Egg, along with our homemade sausages, just like up North, and our knowledge on the Big Green Egg and grilling.


Q: How did you become involved with the Big Green Egg?


Wassi: A lot our customers had BGEs, and after hearing so much about how great they were, we decided to check them out and discovered ourselves how great they really are. After using them ourselves, we could see right away why they had such a following.


We contacted BGE to find out what it would take to become a dealer. We felt that we had enough of a BGE customer base to make it worth our while.


Q: What is the attraction?


Wassi: What makes the BGE so amazing is its ability to smoke, bake, grill and sear all on the same piece of equipment. There really isn’t anything else out there like it. We make pizzas, cakes, smoke ribs, prime rib and cook a perfect steak, all on one BGE. And it comes with a lifetime warranty, so it is literally the last grill that you will ever buy.


Q: When is the next EggFest?


Wassi: The next Wassi’s Sunshine State Eggfest is April 23, 2016, at the Radisson Resort at the Port.


Q: Do you have Big Green Egg classes coming up?


Wassi: Our next class is Nov. 21.That is our Holiday Class with Chef Kurt Halls from Caribeque Rubs. Classes are limited to 40, and they fill very quickly. We have classes approximately every four weeks, and we have chefs from all across the country lined up to do classes for the next year, every month. Check our website for available classes.



What is a Demo Egg?


A demo Egg is an Egg that you pre-buy prior to the Eggfest. The Egg will be cooked on the day of the Eggfest by one of our registered cooks, and then you will pick it up at the end of the day (We start loading Eggs around 4pm). This is a great way to get your first Egg or to add to your Egg family!


Looking for a great deal on a Big Green Egg? Buy an Eggfest demo egg! These Eggs will have been used once--at the Eggfest!


You can pre-order your Demo Egg when you register online. Demo Eggs sold first come, first served. Please do not wait. Last year we had customers that wanted a Demo Egg, but waited too long and missed out. You also will receive two FREE Taster Tickets with your purchase.


You will need to pick your Demo Egg up at the Sunshine State Eggfest between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m.


You must register for the Eggfest in order to purchase a Demo Egg. The Egg may still be warm at the end of the Eggfest, so plan accordingly. (We have seen folks squeeze their Demo Egg into a Honda Civic before, but we recommend station wagons or larger to get your Egg home.) We will have staff that can assist you in loading and securing your Egg at the Eggfest.


Sunshine State Eggfest


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