Deli Salads

Deli Salads
Here at Wassi's Meats we carry a wide variety of homemade desserts and salads for you to choose from in our deli. Our salads are prepared fresh daily and are made with only the top ingredients. A list of some of our homemade deli items are as followed: • Homemade Deli Meats: - Roast Beef - Pastrami - Turkey Breast • Homemade Salads: - Three Potato Salad - Bacon Cheddar Ranch Potato Salad - Cole Slaw - Smoked BBQ Baked Beans - Seafood Salad - Spinach & Feta Salad - Spring Pea Salad - Greek Summer Salad - Italian Antipasta - Pasta Salad and many others.... Custom made Party Platters are available upon request. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for pickup. Cannot be prepared without a valid phone number,credit card and email address.We will email you to verify order and give you pickup time and date. All internet orders will be wrapped for two people.
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BBQ Baked Beans

$5.99 pint   These beans will steal your heart. The beans start off sweet, and then they gradually hit you with the tang from the barbeque sauce.They’re knock-your-socks-off yummy. They’re make-your-tummy hunger for more. Each bite will tingle your tongue. Loaded with slow smoked..

Pasta Salad Out Of Stock

Pasta Salad

$5.99 lb What’s the go-to side dish for a hamburgers-and-hotdogs cookout? Pasta salad, of course. It’s hard not to fall for cold noodles with olives, roasted peppers, and Italian dressing.   This item cannot be shipped. Local store pick up ONLY.   CALL TO ORDER and AVAILABLITY    ..

Spinach Feta Pasta Salad

$4.99  1/2 lb   A tasty blend of Penne Pasta with Spinach, Feta Cheese and a light Extra Virgin Olive Oil Vinaigrette   This item cannot be shipped. Local store pick up ONLY.    ..

Spring Pea Salad

$3.99 pt.   Fresh Spring Pea Salad - Tender sweet peas combined with fresh chopped green onion, hard boiled chopped egg, Wassi's Own chopped bacon. Mixed with our own blend of seasonings and Wassi's Own Ranch DressingThis item cannot be shipped. Local store pick up ONLY.  ..

Three Potato Salad

$5.99 lb   This pretty salad - made with white, red and sweet potatoes - tastes as good as it looks. The mild dressing enhances the tender spuds. Even those who don't like sweet potatoes like this salad.       This item cannot be shipped. Local store pick up ONLY...