Wassi's has all the grilling greats that you need to make entertaining easy! From fork-tender Filet Mignons, beefy Top Sirloins and PRIME N.Y.Strips and Rib Eye Steaks, Wassi's Meat Market  has an incredible selection of the best cookout fare you've ever served your family and friends. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for pickup. Cannot be prepared without a valid phone number,credit card and email address.We will email you to verify order and give you pickup time and date. All internet orders will be wrapped for two people.
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Beef Filet Mignon Steak In Stock

Beef Filet Mignon Steak

$14.99 lbEach hand-cut steak comes from choice whole tenderloins. Each cut is then complemented deliciously with strips of smoky bacon that are hand-wrapped around each cut. This item cannot be shipped. Local store pick up ONLY...

Beef Short Ribs

$8.99 lb  Short ribs are a popular cut of beef. Beef short ribs are larger and usually more tender and meatier than their pork counterpart, pork spare ribs. Short ribs are cut from the rib and plate primals and a small corner of the square-cut chuck   This item cannot be shipped...

Boneless Rib Eye Steak (Choice or Prime)

$14.99 lb Choice$22.99 lb PrimeThis item cannot be shipped. Local store pick up ONLY...

Ground Chuck

 Call to Order Safe & Savory at 160° Did you know that 160°F is the optimal temperature for a safe and savory burger? Our ground beef is our own special blend of USDA ground chuck, sirloin, and tenderloin. The result is an extraordinary burger that is high in flavor, tenderness, and inco..

Ground Round

  USDA Ground Fresh. No prepackaged tube meat in our Ground Round. NO PINK SLIME! Local Store ONLY Prices subject to change without notice  ..

Ground Sirloin

 Prices subject to change without notice...

Italian Meatballs

$4.99 lb Call to Order Meatballs anyone? Most people love em! It’s the traditional start to the Sunday dinner in most Italian families, served warm with fresh mozzarella cheese, crisp italian bread and fried hot peppers. Whether they are fresh from the pot, or simply gracing a heap of spaghetti, ..

Rib Roast (Choice & Prime)

 Choice / Prime Call to OrderThis item cannot be shipped. Local store pick up ONLY...

Tri Tip

$8.99 lb (2lb avg) The Tri—Tip is a small triangular muscle cut from the Sirloin. As a roast, it may also be referred to as the Bottom Sirloin roast or the Triangle roast.   CALL TO ORDERTri-tip, also known as triangle steak, comes from the bottom sirloin cut of beef. It is often ground up ..

Wagyu Beef Strip Steak

  The perfect go-to steak for the beef connoisseur intent on making any meal a special occasion, our Wagyu strip steak is 12 to 14 ounces of beef heaven...

Cowboy Cut Rib Eye Steak New

Cowboy Cut Rib Eye Steak

This item cannot be shipped. Local store pick up ONLY.Cowboy cut ribeye is a very thick cut of ribeye that still has the bone in the meat. Ribeyes are well-marbled with fat rather than gristle, resulting in a more tender steak with a large flavor profile. Ribeye steaks are full of protein and niacin..