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Welcome to Wassi's Meat Market


Come Join the fun and enjoy the food cooked in Big Green Eggs at Sunshine State Eggfest next April!

Visit SunshineStateEggfest.com to find out more!



Outdoors Barbeque Grill

Wassi's Meat Market is a family owned and operated, upscale meat market in southeast Florida. We are proud to offer a selection of some of our finest cuts and gourmet products that we produce here in our retail market. Always prepared with care.We offer USDA Choice or higher Beef, Hormone-Free Chicken, IBP Pork, Fresh & Frozen Seafoods and Homemade Sausages.

Here at Wassi's Meat Market, we ARE the grill experts. What ever kind of grill that you are looking for, we have it. If you are dreaming of owning a Big Green Egg Grill, then Wassi's Meat Market is the place to come. We sell all five sizes (soon to be seven) and we have the very best prices on the Big Green Egg in the south. The Large Big Green Egg is by far the most popular size that we sell, but if you are single or a couple, the the Medium Big Green Egg might be a better fit. If you are big into smoking or have a large family, then the Exlarge Big Green Egg would be the one for you. We also carry the Smokin Tex Electric Smoker. The Smokin Tex is a wonderful set it and forget it smoker. A no-brainer if you are just getting into smoking. We also have several gas grills, if that is your preference. We carry the Saber Grill with it's infra red technology. Upper end gas grills that we offer are the Delta Heat and Twin Eagle. Delta Heat products are engineered, designed and manufactured by the industry leading premium grill and outdoor kitchen equipment experts - Twin Eagles, Inc.

Melbourne's Best Place for Custom Outdoor Kitchens

We also cater to the home sausagemaker and home butchers. What ever you might need to make quality sausage at home, we have it. Casings, Grinders, Stuffers and all the sausage seasonings that you might need.Our seasonings are all homemade and contain no perservatives. We can produce most any kind of sausage seasoning that you might want. We are the only producers of totally salt-free sausage seasonings on the internet. Check out our salt-free seasonings if you are on a low salt or salt free diet. Not sure what you are doing? Just starting out making sausage? WE CAN HELP! Feel free to email us as often as you would like to pick our brains about sausage making, or even general questions regarding poultry,beef,pork or seafood.

Salt-Free version of our great tasting Breakfast Sausage. Our pride and joy! If you or someone in yo..
This is the same blend of seasonings that we use to make our Sweet (Mild)Salt Free Italian Sausage. ..
This is the same recipe that our Polish and Hungarian ancestors have made for generations, minus the..
Spicy!The same blend of seasonings as our famous regular Breakfast Sausage, except for that little e..
It's Classic! Life's too complicated, but your steak doesn't have to be! Cover your cut of choice w..
Freezer Special #4 $179.99 Wrapped according to family size. Limited to ONE substitution per packa..
Freezer Special #1 $119.99 Wrapped according to family size. Limited to ONE substitution per packa..
Our 2018 Limited Edition Turkey Rub is the taste of Thanksgiving tradition. It's been crafted tp per..
THE TASTE OF FLORIDA!   The salty air, tanlines, fruity drinks and palm trees remind us all of the..
BIG or small - A GIFT CARD is a great idea!Please note: These are gift cards, not e-cards. They will..
Summer Freezer Special $119.99 Wrapped according to family size. Limited to ONE substitution per p..
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