Salt Free Sausage Seasonings

Salt Free Sausage Seasonings
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SALT-FREE Breakfast Sausage Seasoning

Salt-Free version of our great tasting Breakfast Sausage. Our pride and joy! If you or someone in your family is on a salt restricted diet, this is must try.Remember. . all of Wassi's Own sausage seasonings are preservative free and all natural! Each package makes 25 lbs of sausage...


SALT-FREE Cheese & Parsley Sausage Seasoning

The Italians call it "Christmas Sausage". We call it just plain "Delicious"! Our great recipe for Italian Sausage with lots of grated cheese and parsley. A gourmet delight! AND...NO SALT...


SALT-FREE Hot Breakfast Sausage Seasoning

Spicy!The same blend of seasonings as our famous regular Breakfast Sausage, except for that little extra something that gives it a KICK! salt...


SALT-FREE Hot Italian Sausage Seasoning

This is the same blend of seasonings that we use to make our Sweet (Mild)Salt Free Italian Sausage. The only thing that is missing is the SALT and alittle HEAT. Same great flavor! Even though you are on a low-sodium or salt-free diet, you can still enjoy GREAT Italian Sausage...


SALT-FREE Kielbasa Sausage Seasoning

This is the same recipe that our Polish and Hungarian ancestors have made for generations, minus the SALT. If you like garlic, you'll LOVE this one...