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Blueberry Maple Sausage In Stock

Blueberry Maple Sausage

   A wonderful concoction of FRESH WHOLE Blueberries and Vermont Maple Syrup with our Famous sausage blend. Every bite explodes with flavor! Wrap a pancake around it and you have Breakfast on the Run! Great idea.This item cannot be shipped. Local store pick up ONLY...

Breakfast Sausage - Bulk

Purchase in store only   We make a very honest sausage—a straight forward porky flavor that's not heavily spiced with sage and black pepper like breakfast sausage often is. In fact, sage, sugar, nutmeg, & ginger, all make their way into the proceedings. Once cooked, it has a salty, nicely..

Breakfast Sausage Links Out Of Stock

Breakfast Sausage Links

5 for $3.99 Purchase in store only..

Fresh Bratwurst

$5.99 lb Purchase in store onlyThe bratwurst is made of finely ground veal and pork, distinguished by its firm texture and punch of white pepper. The bright flavors of the freshly ground pork expand when cooked to create a full spectrum of taste. Because these sausages are uncoo..

Fresh Kielbasa In Stock

Fresh Kielbasa

   Must be picked up at the store. Cannot be shipped..

Italian Sausage w/ Cheese & Parsley In Stock

Italian Sausage w/ Cheese & Parsley

Must be ordered in advanceIn store purchase only..