Meat Church

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Gourmet Garlic & Herb

Our Gourmet Garlic & Herb is made from the finest ingredients. Ain't nobody got thyme for a cheap garlic & herb. This is our favorite of the gourmet series and is great on meats, vegetables and bread. We find ourselves using it in every cook and we hope you do too. 6 oz bottle. Ingre..


Gourmet Lemon Pepper

Lemon Pepper was the most constantly requested seasoning from the Meat Church congregation. We love this seasoning on chicken, fish and vegetables and hope your family does too! We have even seen folks use it on BBQ! 6 oz bottle. Ingredients: Salt, sugar, spices, dehydrated garlic & ..

Gourmet Seafood

Meat Church Gourmet Seafood seasoning will kick up your fish a notch. The flavor profile will remind you of the classic Old Bay but our has more pop. It's a very fine seasoning and a little goes a long way. 6 oz bottle. Ingredients: Salt, spices including paprika, celery, mustard and..


The Gourmet Holy Trinity

We had so many requests for these types of seasonings, so we careful selected the finest ingredients for our Gourmet line. We even upgrade the packaging with a fancy silver foil label! We think you will love these in the kitchen and use them daily. We do! 6 oz Garlic & Herb 6 oz Se..