Anything that you might need to EGGCESSORIZE your Big Green Egg...we have it.
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EGG-shaped Bottle Opener

Get the party started with this novelty EGG-shaped Bottle Opener, solidly made of durable cast iron. As attractive as it is efficient, the opener conveniently attaches to your Big Green Egg table or adds a fun and stylish highlight to your bar or outdoor kitchen decor. Big Green Egg Wall-Mountable ..



~~EGGcelerator® – EC Fans the lump charcoal at initial lighting for faster start-up times, especially in high altitude situations. The unit easily attaches onto the draft door of the XLarge, Large and Medium EGGs. Once the EGG has obtained the desired cooking temperature, the unit is switched off..

Flame Boss Temperature Probe Y-cable

The Temperature Probe Y-cable can be used with a Flame Boss model 300 smoker controller to add additional probes. You can use two Y-cables to add two additional meat probes for a total capacity of 3 meat probes. The Y-cable works with High-Temperature Probes and Probes with Coated Cables. Use the ..


Kick Ash Basket

Ideal for the following: Large Big Green Egg Ceramic Grill and Smoker. 9" Bottom Dia., 14" Top Dia. and 4-1/4" Depth Overall height is 5-3/4" including handles..