Italian Meatballs

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Meatballs anyone? Most people love em! It’s the traditional start to the Sunday dinner in most Italian families, served warm with fresh mozzarella cheese, crisp italian bread and fried hot peppers. Whether they are fresh from the pot, or simply gracing a heap of spaghetti, nothing beats a meatball! Here’s an amazing fact about making meatballs: Give ten people the same basic recipe and each batch will turn out differently. Go figure… No one really knows the true origin of the meatball but in an 2003 article entitled “Ask the Chef” John Piso describes it this way: “Meatballs originated in some Italian’s kitchen when she found that she had some ground beef left over. Hamburger meat was popularized at the turn of the last century, so it makes sense to assume that meatballs started then, as did meat loaf. I could just see some nice Italian housewife ready to make a tomato sauce and find some left over ground meat in her ice-a -box-a. Always having eggs, parsley, garlic, cheese, and hard bread around, she must have felt a surge of lightning that hit her with this idea. Ground meat, garlic, cheese, breadcrumbs, parsley, and some beaten egg to hold it all together. Fry it in oil; drop it in the sauce and Bingo! Two courses in one pot – pure genius!” Our meatballs made with store ground chuck & pork. We add egg, romano cheese (LOT'S of CHEESE), breadcrumbs, garlic and oregano.

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Italian Meatballs

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