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2-piece shears set Out Of Stock

2-piece shears set

Must-Have Kitchen Tools If you've never used kitchen shears, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them. This two-piece set includes a pair of Shun's Premium Kitchen Shears and our razor-sharp Herb Shears. Incredibly handy, the kitchen shears are ideal for everything from opening packages t..

Herb Shears Out Of Stock

Herb Shears

Extra-fine cutting edge won't bruise herbs The extra-fine 16° cutting edge cuts of our elegant Shun Herb Shears cuts cleanly and won't bruise delicate herbs. A built-in blade notch makes it easy to strip herbs or cut through their stems. The high-carbon, molybdenum-vanadium, stainless-steel blades ..


Higo-No Kami Personal Steak/Gentleman's Knife

The ultimate gentleman's personal knife This beautifully crafted folding knife is an extremely handsome accessory, whether carried as a tasteful pocketknife or a personal steak knife. First manufactured in 1896 in Meiji-era Japan, this style of knife is considered to be the first Japanese pocketkni..

Premium Kitchen Shears Out Of Stock

Premium Kitchen Shears

An indispensible and beautiful kitchen tool Once you own a pair of these Shun Premium Kitchen Shears, you'll wonder how you ever got along without this multi-purpose kitchen tool. They come in handy for everything from opening packages to cutting through the shell on a lobster tail. The notch on th..

Shun Fish Bone Tweezers Out Of Stock

Shun Fish Bone Tweezers

The professional way to remove pin bones in fillets Shun Fish Bone Tweezers are made for easily removing those tiny "pin" bones from raw fish for the perfect fillet. The tapered, flat tip makes it especially easy to reach in and pull small bones in fish or pinfeathers in poultry. They're also handy..

Shun Knife Care Kit Out Of Stock

Shun Knife Care Kit

Designed to help you keep your Shun knives in optimal condition The Shun Knife Care Kit has the tools you'll need to help maintain your Shuns in their best condition. Inspired by the style of care and tools traditionally used to keep samurai swords in optimal condition, Shun created a convenient ki..

Shun Multi-purpose Shears Out Of Stock

Shun Multi-purpose Shears

A must-have kitchen tool You will be amazed at the many uses for our multi-purpose shears. Of course, they cut things. In the kitchen, use them to snip herbs, trim asparagus, cut up tortillas, trim beans, open food packages, cut cheesecloth or waxed paper, trim flowers—you get the idea. In other ar..