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Blue 10" Kiritsuke Out Of Stock

Blue 10" Kiritsuke

The blade-of-choice for the Japanese master chef. The Shun Blue 10-in. Kiritsuke is one gorgeous knife—yet it takes some practice to be able to use it properly. That's why it's known as the Japanese master chef's knife. The master will be able to use the kiritsuke for a wide variety of kitchen tasks..

Blue 5.5" Petty Out Of Stock

Blue 5.5" Petty

Add this right-sized knife to your Shun Blue collection Larger than a paring knife and smaller than a chef's knife, the Shun Blue Petty is ideal for medium-sized tasks. It nimbly cleans silver skin from tenderloins and portions boneless proteins with ease. The Shun Blue Petty is just the right size..

Blue Butchery Knife Out Of Stock

Blue Butchery Knife

Although he's not supposed to play favorites, Chef Chris Cosentino says this is the Shun Blue that's nearest and dearest to his protein- (and especially, pig-) loving heart. The six inch length is the precise length needed for efficient butchery—not a quarter inch more, not a quarter of an inch less..

Blue Honesuki Out Of Stock

Blue Honesuki

A perfect poultry knife Need to bone out a chicken? This is your knife. The Shun Blue Honesuki is a Japanese boning knife. The 4 1/2-inch blade is perfect for maneuvering around bones and between joints. Once you get this knife in your hands, you'll be astounded at the absolute control you wield as..

Blue Kiritsuke 8-in. Out Of Stock

Blue Kiritsuke 8-in.

The high-performance Shun Blue Kiritsuke—now in 8-in. length The Shun Blue 8-in. Kiritsuke offers all the cutting performance and versatility of our 10-inch Kiritsuke, but in the classic 8-in. blade length. In Japan, the kiritsuke is known as the master chef's knife. Use it for all the tasks for wh..

Blue Menkiri Out Of Stock

Blue Menkiri

The perfect noodle & fresh pasta knife In Japan, a menkiri is a noodle-cutting knife. The long, straight, razor-sharp edge contacts the cutting board completely to make cutting a folded sheet of fresh noodle dough almost effortless. Of course, in the same way that it can help you cut beautiful, eve..

Blue Slicing Knife Out Of Stock

Blue Slicing Knife

Thin, beautiful slices every time The Shun Blue Slicing Knife not only makes food look delicious by enabling you to cut thin, even slices. It can also make food taste better. With the Shun Blue Slicing Knife’s longer length, narrower blade, and Shun-sharp edge you can make long, even slices without..