Dizzy Pig BBQ Rubs

Dizzy Pig BBQ Rubs
Headquartered in Manassas, Virginia, the Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company was founded in 2002 and offers the absolute tastiest, all-natural seasonings, hand-blended with only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. These are THE seasonings that the best cooks reach for regularly. An army of loyal customers regularly sprinkle Dizzy Pig’s brightly-flavored and perfectly-balanced spice rubs on their hard-earned food. The Dizzy Pig competition team has won 15 professional BBQ contests using the rubs straight from the jar, and countless other teams have earned trophies and ribbons using Dizzy Pig blends. Dizzy Pig continues to win over judges and followers in 2014 and beyond. Dizzy Pig seasonings contain no gluten or MSG and can be found at over 700 local retailers throughout the U.S. and in Canada,  Europe and Singapore. Get Spun! For more information visit www.dizzypigbbq.com.
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Cow Lick/Dizzy Pig

Uses Dizzy Pig Cow Lick is all about beef. Qfan musta had some vision, because the blend of ingredients he came up with is the perfect flavor on any beef.   Description No sugar, and a really nice peppery bite that provides an awesome flavor. It does not have too much heat, and never overwhelms ..

Dizzy Dust Coarse Out Of Stock

Dizzy Dust Coarse

Uses Dizzy Dust Coarse is an all purpose barbecue seasoning for roasts and larger cuts.   Description Essentially the same recipe as our regular Dizzy Rub, but we’ve bumped up the ingredients to their coarsest grinds so they can stand up when applied to large pieces of meat. Pork butts and picni..

Dizzy Dust Original In Stock

Dizzy Dust Original

Dizzy Dust is an all purpose rub designed for all of your flavoring needs. Description The anchor of the Dizzy Pig line-up, this all-purpose rub is blended to bring out the best in whatever graces your smoker or grill. Balance is the key to this versatile rub; saltiness, sweetness, spiciness, heat a..


Jamaican Firewalk

Uses Since this recipe was inspired by “jerk” marinade, it is best on meats that are normally jerked. Chicken, shrimp, pork tenderloin, pork ribs, pork chops, steaks, fish and veggies are all good candidates for a coating of Firewalk.   Description Based on island jerk, Jamaican Firewalk has a h..

Limited Release Molé In Stock

Limited Release Molé

The Departure Series Seasonings are premium limited edition, hand-numbered blends that come in 8oz shaker bottles. Catch them while you can! Description Deep in Mexico, the Molé Poblano style of cooking involves chocolate, a secret family recipe, and lots of time and labor. We’ve captured some of ..


Raging River/Dizzy Pig

Uses Raging River, while designed for salmon, is really an all purpose rub that seems to have very few limits.   Description The flavor is slightly sweet but complex with definite citrus notes. Good on salmon, poultry, pork, seafood, beef, mushrooms, potatoes, lamb, game, veal, and all veggies. ..


Raising the Steaks

Uses Raising the Steaks is especially designed for beef, and is excellent on all cuts of beef. Not only on all kinds of steaks, but rib roasts, round roasts, rump roasts, chuck roasts, tri tip, London Broil, and…well just about any cut will be enhanced with a coating of Raising the Steaks. Mix it i..


Red Eye Express

Uses Red Eye is rich in flavor, and shines brightest on red meat like beef, lamb, and all types of game. Yet it adds a great flavor to milder meats like chicken, fish and pork….and even veggies.   Description Red Eye Express packs quite a bit of pepper, but we add freshly ground coffee which add..


Shaking the Tree

  Uses Our new Shakin’ the Tree is very possibly our most versatile rub to date. We have used it here in our test kitchens on chicken, fish, shrimp, scallops, pork loin, sausage, lamb, veggies, ribs, burgers and in soups, casseroles and veggie stir fries. And, while Shakin’ the Tree has a milder f..


Swamp Venom

Uses Swamp Venom is all about the South, and goes very well on traditional BBQ cuts…like ribs, chicken, pork shoulder, whole hog, brisket and steaks. Works well on fish, pork tenderloins, pork chops, nuts, sausage, and is a really nice addition to a pot of chili.   Description Based on influence..


Tsunami Spin

Uses Tsunami has uses limited only by your imagination. Our customers report it being excellent on a wide range of foods.   Description This is probably our most unique offering, and depends on several mid and far eastern influences for its special flavor. The sesame seeds give it a buttery mout..