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Premier 10-in. Chef's Knife

Premier's light, agile blade ensures even this larger chef's knife handles with ease If you’re one of the many cooks who prefer a larger chef’s knife, the Shun Premier 10-in. Chef's Knife would be an excellent choice for you. Because of Premier’s thinner, lighter blades, you'll find that this large..


Premier 5 1/2-in. Santoku

A beautiful, compact choice for medium-sized tasks MSRP - $207.00 Professional or home cook, every cook is an individual. Every cook has certain tools that really work for him or her, becoming favorites. That’s one of the reasons Shun makes so many different types of kitchen knives; so you can alw..

Premier 6-in. Chef's Knife Out Of Stock

Premier 6-in. Chef's Knife

Premier's most nimble chef's knife A chef’s knife is a personal choice. That’s why Shun offers so many different lines and blade lengths. For instance, in the same way that some cooks prefer a longer chef’s knife, others prefer a shorter length. For cooks who enjoy the lightweight nimbleness of a s..


Premier 7-in. Santoku

An Asian-style do-it-all knife The Shun Premier 7-in. Santoku is a beautiful, Asian-inspired chef's knife that many cooks today have added to their kitchen favorites. A knife of many talents, a santoku easily handles all the basic kitchen cutting tasks. Slightly shorter than the standard chef's kni..


Premier 8-in. Chef's Knife

The one knife you'll reach for again and again Your chef’s knife will probably be the most-used knife in your kitchen. If you’re like most cooks, you’ll want to find the one that feels like an extension of your arm. The beautiful Shun Premier 8-in. Chef's Knife could be the one for you. This breath..

Premier Boning/Fillet Knife In Stock

Premier Boning/Fillet Knife

A razor-sharp, rigid boning knife The Shun has added a rigid boning/fillet knife to the Premier series. As you would expect, this beautiful knife is the right tool for two key kitchen chores—boning and filleting. When boning, the narrow, sharp, curved blade gets in close to the bone, making it easy..

Premier Bread Knife Out Of Stock

Premier Bread Knife

Slice through any type of loaf, without tearing If you bake or buy whole loaves of bread, a bread knife will be one of the most-used knives in your kitchen. Whether you love wonderfully crusty or delicately tender bread, the Shun Premier Bread Knife will be your loaf's new best friend, no matter wh..


Premier Carving Fork

Makes slicing and serving easier—beautifully The two-pronged Shun Premier Carving Fork easily holds food in place while slicing or carving and even assists in serving. In a way, the carving fork acts as an extension of the carver’s arm, holding the meat in place as a slicing or carving knife glides..


Premier Combination Honing Steel

The right tool for prolonging the sharpness of your edge With each use of your knife, the razor-sharp edge naturally bends over just a tiny bit. The edge is still sharp, but the sharpest part isn’t making contact with the food. The remedy is honing with the Shun Premier Combination Honing Steel. Th..

Premier Honesuki Sold Out

Premier Honesuki

Best. Boning. Knife. Ever. The Shun Premier Honesuki is a Japanese-style boning knife. The 4 1/2-inch blade is perfect for maneuvering around bones and between joints. Try it and you'll be thrilled at the complete control you have as you process your poultry and other proteins. The honesuki's razor..

Premier Kiritsuke 8-in. Out Of Stock

Premier Kiritsuke 8-in.

In Japan, the kiritsuke is used for all the tasks for which you'd use a chef's knife. Known as the master chef's knife, it offers top cutting performance and versatility. With its straighter edge, the Shun Premier 8-inch Kiritsuke is ideal for slicing and push cuts. Julienne, dice, or brunoise veget..


Premier Nakiri

The most beautiful nakiri ever? Maybe Quite simply, “nakiri” is Japanese for "vegetable knife." If you haven’t used Japanese-style knives before, the nakiri is sure to attract your attention due to its interesting shape. Yet this blade shape is quite practical, too. With its blunt tip, the Shun Pre..

Premier Paring Knive 4" Out Of Stock

Premier Paring Knive 4"

Essential…and beautiful The paring knife is an indispensible kitchen prep knife. For peeling, trimming, making decorative cuts, or even for chopping small foods like shallots or garlic, the small size of the paring knife gives you complete cutting control. Since every kitchen needs a paring knife—a..

Premier Serrated Utility Knife Out Of Stock

Premier Serrated Utility Knife

Serrations easily handle tough-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside foods like tomatoes This style of knife is often called a tomato or sandwich knife, but it’s so much more versatile than that description would imply. Of course, it works beautifully on most anything you would put in a sandwich—fro..

Premier Steak Knife Out Of Stock

Premier Steak Knife

Make every steak even more delicious Make your best steaks taste even better with the Shun Premier Steak Knife. With Shun’s incredibly sharp, clean edge, there’s no tearing, no sawing—and no need for serrations. Because the edge is so sharp, it cuts fewer of the capillaries in the meat and keeps mo..

Premier Ultimate Utility Knife Out Of Stock

Premier Ultimate Utility Knife

You'll Love This Multi-Function Knife It looks unusual, but that's just because it's unusually useful. The cutting edge of the Shun Premier Ultimate Utility's has a low-frequency serration that makes this knife perfect for slicing delicate thin-skinned fruits and vegetables. The knife's curved bell..

Premier Utility Knife Out Of Stock

Premier Utility Knife

Much more than a "sandwich knife" A good utility knife is the third member of your must-have kitchen knife line up. In size, it’s between a chef’s knife and a paring knife, making it the perfect size for all those in-between tasks. For trimming green beans, broccoli, and other jobs where you need s..

Premier Vegetable Knife In Stock

Premier Vegetable Knife

A key addition to your paring knife selection The vegetable knife is one of the key variations of the paring knife. The Shun Premier Vegetable Knife is about the same size as a traditional paring knife, but it has a down-turned tip (sometimes known as "sheepsfoot") and a straight edge. The edge is ..